Whether it’s a logo or a full tin
design, we will work with you to
fully understand your target
audience and provide you with
initial concepts. Based on your
feedback, we will fine-tune all
the details making sure we
provide the best quality and
design for your product.
Pick and choose which samples
will best fit your products needs.
We’ll send out samples of tins
for yor review and product
testing. We can also provide
samples of designs that we
have created in the past to give
you a better feel of how to
design your custom tin.
The final stages before starting
up the manucturing process is a
finalized mock-up with your
custom design.There are a
couple of options for mock-ups.
A label wrapped tin with your
design or a full design metal tin
based on your approved artwork
and design.
Armco Can Company’s personalized service will guide and assist you through every step of the process. Please choose from
the various shapes and sizes we currently have in stock. If you have a special request for a shape or size, we will be happy to
help you find that tin. If you already have a design for your product or package, please provide us with your own digital artwork.
We can accept both PC and MAC files from many industry-standard design programs. We will be on-site for each pre-press
run to ensure that your project is printed to your standards based on your approved artwork.
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